When the Internet enables us to communicate anywhere in the world in a matter of milliseconds, it is amazing that organisations still struggle to find effective ways to communicate directly with key stakeholders, and we all know that communicating effectively with your different target audiences is key to business success.

NewzPoint is a business communication technology and services company, and the NewzPoint platform was created to solve this problem. NewzPoint technology enables any organisation to take full control over their news, information or entertainment content and make sure it reaches the right audience at the right time.

NewzPoint is a suite of powerful, simple-to-use and affordable content distribution solutions that enable you to communicate directly to your different target audiences through any mobile or desktop device connected to the internet, publicly or privately.

Configurations can be custom built for any purpose, however we have created a range of configurations to meet specific requirements e.g. for advanced communication with customers, staff, agents or distributors, shareholders or the media. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your communication to these or other key target audiences, then we can help you. Here is a list of our most popular user interfaces:

  • NewzPoint News – Is an advanced multimedia newsletter system; the most dynamic, efficient and cost effective way to keep your staff and customers informed - content marketing at its best.
  • NewzPoint Conference – Is a webcasting and archiving system created to maximise target audience viewership for your conferences, seminars and symposiums - an easy and affordable way to get greater ROI out of every presentation.
  • NewzPoint Press and Media – Is an advanced media centre and press conference webcasting system - the most effective way to distribute your press and video news releases to the media or run a live international press conference from your own head office.
  • NewzPoint Corporate Apps – Are a range of employee communication apps that can deliver interactive news, information and notice boards, live or recorded video etc. direct to your employee’s laptops and mobile devices - a fast and efficient way to keep your employees in the loop and get direct feedback.
  • NewzPoint TV – Is a live and on-demand internet television broadcasting system - created to optimise the relationship between audience satisfaction and advertising revenues.
  • NewzPoint Magazine – Is a commercial multimedia internet magazine publishing system designed for small and medium sized publishers - an easy, powerful and cost effective internet publishing system that optimises the relationship between reader satisfaction and revenue generation.

For more information or a 30-day trial account contact John Robins on +971 50 6516381 or

Become an Affiliate

NewzPoint is sold to end-user customers exclusively via an Authorised Affiliate Network around the world. NewzPoint does not sell to end-user customers directly, only to its Affiliates. This is for two reasons:

  1. Whilst NewzPoint is very easy to use, it is a product that benefits from support and additional services such as webcasting services, video production services, writing services and PR services. NewzPoint LLC is not a production services company it is a technology company. Clients get far more out of a NewzPoint account if they have a marketing services company such as a video production company, an event production company, a web design agency or PR company to assist them; as a result the NewzPoint Affiliate Network has evolved.
  2. In order to keep the costs of the NewzPoint technology to a minimum we decided not to set up a cumbersome and costly centralised global customer support centre, but instead provide personalised support directly to official NewzPoint Affiliates who in turn can provide local consultancy and support to their customers together with a range of additional production and content creation services.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a NewzPoint Affiliate e-mail John Robins -